What is DC Postal Service?

DC Postal Service is a provider of courier and logistics services, specializing in parcel delivery, providing vehicles with driver-delivery, pallet delivery, and e-logistics for online merchants.

In which countries does DC Postal Service operate?

We operate in several countries around the world, providing international delivery solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Does DC Postal Service make all its own deliveries using its own drivers?

Yes, to ensure a quality service, DC Postal Service performs all deliveries in Luxembourg and the province of Luxembourg with our own trained and dedicated drivers. For other regions, we collaborate with trusted partners to ensure that your parcel is delivered safely.

How to send a parcel with DC Postal Service?

Sending a parcel with DC Postal Service is easy:

  1. Prepare your parcel, ensuring it is properly packaged.
  2. Go to our website and fill out the shipping form.
  3. Choose the desired delivery service and make the payment.
  4. Drop off your parcel at our center or schedule a pickup at the desired address.
  5. Your parcel will then be taken care of and delivered according to the chosen service.

How can I track my parcel?

Once your parcel is shipped, you will receive a tracking number. Click on the "Track your parcel" menu and enter the number in the pop-up that opens to see the current status and delivery history of your parcel.

How do I identify my parcel?

After completing your order on our platform, you will receive a label to print and affix to your parcel. If you don't have a printer, select the "label printing by DC Postal" option during your order. In this case, we will print and attach the label to your parcel based on the information you manually provided on it.

What are the maximum dimensions and weight of my parcel?

For each parcel sent with DC Postal Service, the weight must not exceed 30 kg. Regarding dimensions, the sum of length, width, and height must not exceed 2.00 meters, with a restriction of 1.5 meters for the longest side of the parcel. Additionally, the total volume of the parcel must not exceed 0.250 m³.

What do I do if my parcel is damaged or lost?

In case of an issue with your shipment, please contact our customer service via the contact page or by email at info@dcp.lu. /!\ To ensure the safety and integrity of your parcel during transport, follow the packaging recommendations.

*No refund will be made in case of packaging defects.

How should I pack my goods?

  1. Sturdy Box: Use a sturdy box in good condition, suitable for the size of the item. Reused boxes may weaken, so avoid using a box that is already worn.
  2. Internal Protection: Wrap the item with cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, or crumpled paper. Ensure that it does not move inside the package.
  3. Closure: Seal your package using strong adhesive tape designed for shipping. Avoid masking tape or paper tape.
  4. Labeling: Make sure the address label is clearly visible and placed on a flat, seamless surface of the box. If you're reusing a box, remove or cover any old labels and barcodes.
  5. Fragile Items: If you're shipping fragile items, clearly label "FRAGILE" on all sides of the package. However, this doesn't replace the need for proper packaging.
  6. Sharp or Protruding Elements: If your item has sharp or protruding parts, make sure they are well protected to prevent them from puncturing the box or damaging other packages.
  7. Double Packaging: For particularly fragile or high-value items, consider double packaging. First, place the item in a box with padding, then place this box in a larger one with more cushioning materials.

By following these recommendations, you maximize the chances that your package will arrive at its destination in perfect condition.

Can I drop off my parcel somewhere other than the Ehlerange sorting centre?

At the moment, our only drop-off point is the sorting center in Ehlerange. If you cannot drop off your package there, simply choose the "pickup" option during the order, and we will come to collect your package directly from your location.

How does D+1 delivery work?

Our next-day delivery service ensures that your parcels will be out for delivery the day after pickup in eligible areas.

Do you offer special rates for professionals?

Yes, our rates can vary depending on the type of goods, services to be implemented, volumes involved, and many other parameters.
Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at commercial@dcp.lu.

How can I integrate my online shop with your logistics services?

Our e-logistics solution is designed to easily integrate with most e-commerce platforms. Simply get in touch with our sales department to discuss the possibilities via the contact page or by sending an email to our address commercial@dcp.lu.

What are the advantages of your E-Logistics service for online retailers?

Our e-logistics service provides optimized inventory management, fast delivery, and real-time tracking to enhance the customer experience.

How are your prices calculated?

Our rates are determined based on several criteria, including the destination, weight, and size of the parcel. We strive to offer competitive rates for all our courier, delivery, and logistics services.

Are there any hidden charges?

At DC Postal Service, we value transparency. All fees associated with our services are clearly indicated during the order process. No hidden fees.

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can reach our customer service through the contact form, by phone at +352 52 10 36, or by email at info@dcp.lu. We are here to assist you!

What are the Customer Service opening hours?

Our customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Do you offer services for large shipments?

Yes, we have specific solutions for large volumes and bulk shipments. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs via email at commercial@dcp.lu, through this contact form, or by phone at [+352 52 10 36]

Do you offer delivery services on Sundays or public holidays?

We do not currently offer standard deliveries on Sundays and public holidays.

How does DC Postal Service ensure the security of my parcels?

We take the security of your parcels very seriously. All parcels are tracked and secured from the time they are taken into our care until delivery. Additionally, we offer insurance options for added peace of mind.

Are my personal data secure?

Absolutely. We value the privacy and data protection of our customers. Our website uses advanced security protocols to ensure the safety of your information. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy: https://dcpostal.cconcept-test.lu/mentions-legales/.