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Welcome to DC Postal Service, your expert partner for parcel delivery in Luxembourg, e-logistics and parcel collection. Specialising in parcel and pallet management, we offer professional solutions tailored to a wide range of needs.

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Why Choose Us?

  • An enterprise committed to its customers.
  • A rigorous organization with a focus on service.
  • An independent company free from any influence.
  • A network of reliable partners throughout Europe.
  • Specialized vehicles to meet all missions.
  • Committed drivers who are thoroughly familiar with their distribution work area.
  • Advanced computer tools for the needs of logistic management.
  • Competitive rates.
DC Postal Service une entreprise familiale

The story of a company in constant evolution

In 2023, DC POSTAL SERVICE celebrated its 30th anniversary in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The story begins in:

  • 1993: Jacques Deltenre lays the foundations of the company DINTEC in Bettembourg.
  • 1995: The premises in Bettembourg becoming too small, DINTEC relocates and settles in LIVANGE.
  • 2013: DINTEC establishes itself in Ehlerange and becomes the owner of a splendid modern building.
  • 2014: A significant date that marks the change of name from DINTEC to DC POSTAL SERVICE.
  • 2023: 30 YEARS! What a beautiful journey.

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